Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday's Contest: A New Song

As some of you know, the Presbyterian Church (USA) is currently compiling a new hymnal to replace or supplement the former new hymnal, which - I guess - will now become the "old new hymnal." At any rate, t'would be nice for this new hymnal to contain some songs that have been written in honor of the fact that God is still good, we are all still here, and the Reign of God still makes a difference to life on earth.

So, Thursday's contest is for you to come up with the title of a new song to be included in the newest of the new hymnals. You only need a title, but you can offer much more! If you want, you can include a few lines, a refrain, even a suggested tune! (Remember the tune to "Gilligan's Island" goes with virtually anything!)

Here's an example:
"Without a Trace" (sung to the tune of "Amazing Grace" or "Gilligan's Island")
'Without a trace,' they said they'd go;
And leave the rest behind;
But here they are, still left below;
Back to the daily grind.

Okay, I didn't say it was a good example. But, it's an example nonetheless. So, now that you've seen an awful example, you are free to make your entries by midnight tonight! The winner has to receive my book, but I'm sure you can trade it for an older new hymnal somewhere.


  1. Jesus loves me this I know,
    For the Bible tells me so,
    Did not give his glorious birth,
    so we'd leave the 21st.

    Yes, Jesus loves me.
    Yes, Jesus loves me.
    Yes, Jesus loves me.
    Just in case, Am ready to go.

    (apologizing now...home sick from school so perhaps my creativity is affected by my health,headed back to bed)

  2. Your creativity is spanking good, especially for one who is sick! Thanks Sharon.


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