Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Day in the USA

Because I am at the American Academy of Religion and Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting this week, I will not be posting my weekly exegesis of the RCL's gospel text for next Sunday.
I'll be back at it next week, for the first Sunday of Advent.
Until that time, let me take the opportunity of this week's Thanksgiving Day celebration in the USA to express my thanks to professors, scholars, gentle and patient teachers, and colleagues of all stripes for the tremendous influence and richness that they have added to my life.
I get it when the psalmist waxes poetic and says "How I love your law!" Study of the Scriptures is a delight, exceeded only by studying the Scriptures in the company of others.
So, this week, I am giving thanks to you, companions on the journey.

p.s. One of the joys of being at the AAR/SBL this week is that I had a chance to meet Jenee Woodard, of fame, live and in person! She's as wonderful as one might imagine.

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