Friday, May 1, 2009

A Little Bit of Fun

My SPAM file is always much larger than my inbox- an enduring testimony to the human propensity of taking a good gift, like the internet, and using it for inane purposes. Occasionally a real message gets thrown into the spam file, so I have to go through it and pull out what I want to save. It’s usually a yucky adventure, but somewhere along the line, I decided to make the best of it by collecting interesting spam headings that appear back-t0-back. Here are some actual spam headings that I found as I was emptying my files. As you will see, some of these headings go back a few months, but, taken together, they cover just about all of the major topics of spam messages except for the notification that a widow in Nigeria wants to give me a billion dollars.

How do I get out of debt: Unbelievable savings on generic meds

Debt elimination 101: Casino directory

To get out of debt: You can order anti-depressants

John McCain’s creative thinking: No study! Buy university diploma degree

Clinton reaches out to Obama: Help stop premature ejaculation

John McCain’s Monday with beach babes: Extreme hurts

The U. of Iowa offers concentration courses for religious service: Win big money

Sometimes, a single heading needs no accompaniment to be funny: "French have more sex in surveys than any other country."

And and finally, a single headline that demonstrates how even spammers have some degree of creativity and humor … “Sarah Jessica Parker arrested for gross negligee”


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