Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Coming Soon: IF We're Still Around

The Left Behind and Loving It blog will be resurrected later in 2011, coinciding with the publication of my book, Left Behind and Loving It, by Wipf and Stock under the Cascade Books label.

At that time I will try to make the blog more interactive, with shorter posts and more invitations for feedback from you.

Until then, I'm intrigued that someone who names a date for the so-called "rapture" can generate interest simply by having misplaced confidence in the human ability to guess what God is up to. Now, it seems, the "rapture" will come on May 21. My brother-in-law is getting married on that day, so I guess it seems as good of a guess as any.

However, I'm expecting to be here on May 22 also. Do you? Why do you think someone making a prediction of this sort gets attention, after every single previous prediction of this sort has proven false? Please post your reflections on the comment section.

Thanks. And welcome back.


  1. Years ago when cognitive dissonance was all the rage, my debate coach, Bonnie Patton, gave me a book or article [cant quite remember] about an obscure religious sect that was formed around anticipation of the 2nd coming [or should i say the 'n-th coming']. The work was to understand how they dealt with the dissonance of such unrequited expecations. This is not the pretty side of our religious tradition.

  2. No, it's not pretty, but it is rather consistent. Someone was telling me recently about a study of people who insist on believing what evidently seems unbelievable. It seems to be related to fear more than thinking.


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