Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting Started Well

I am declaring May 21 to be the last, best, final, ultimate, epitome of dates on which the "Rapture" will be predicted to take place.
I say let's all agree that May 21 is it.
I say let's all live as if May 21 is it.
I say let's all pray, repent, share the good news, and put everything else off until May 21.
I say let's all re-arrange our life priorities as if May 21 will be the final hour of "life as we know it."
I say let's give it all that we have, lift up our heads, and watch and be ready.

And then, when the "Rapture" does not come on May 21:

Let's make May 22 to be a DAY OF COMMITMENT for people of faith.
Let's all agree to quit the silly business of trying to guess God's cosmic calendar.
Let's throw that cosmic calendar out the window and into the trash heap where it belongs.
Let's live each day as if it is a gift from God, not a threat from God.
Let's throw away "The time is short!" and pick up "The time is right!"
Let's live as if God's steadfast love really does endure forever.
Let's be motivated by the joy of response, rather than the threat of disaster.
Let's take real disasters as calls to compassion, not signs of the time.

Why not?


  1. Rev. Linda O'ConnellMarch 31, 2011 at 6:54 AM

    Love the article Mark. I will use this on Wednesday when teaching my PW Bible Study on Revelation--giving you credit of course.

  2. I'm hoping the Rapture times itself to my retirement - think of all the well decorated homes in the sunny south suddenly empty and move-in ready :-)


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