Thursday, April 14, 2011

37 Days of Final Preparations

Oh, we are so close to turning the final corner and heading down the final stretch. Harold Camping has determined - after 70 years of study - that the "rapture" is coming on May 21. We raised the question earlier of what one ought to wear at a "rapture." And now, I'm ready to answer: Nothing. Well, nothing except maybe some old shoes.

Now, why would I suggest some old shoes? It's because of a picture that I have found both inspiring and puzzling. Occasional artistic depictions of the "rapture" typically illustrate ascending saints heading into the clouds either clad in white robes or not clad at all. Of course, when they are not clad at all, the clouds discreetly cover all of the good stuff and all we see are ankles and feet. That is because if you saw more you might lust and the you'd have to be left behind with all of the other lusters. What a mess. So, just enough nakedness to get the message; not enough to get excited.

Other artistic depictions of the rapture show empty clothes left behind from those who have been taken away. This is the 'other side' of the naked ankles and feet depictions. But, I recently found a book cover which has messed with my expectations. It is from a book entitled, Three Views of the Rapture, edited by Gleason L. Archer, Jr. and published by Zondervan. This book cover is extremely alarming to me.

If we leave our clothes behind in the "rapture," then this picture suggests that people who walk around in nothing but a pair of shoes in open fields are among those going in the "rapture." Heck, this guy wasn't even wearing socks! I tell you, I'm glad we have 37 days before the "rapture" because I have to seriously consider whether or not I want to be companioned for all eternity with people who walk around open fields in nothing but shoes. It's kind of creepy if you ask me, and I always figured that the "rapture" excluded the creepy. What do you think?


  1. Hey...where did ya get May 21? Shoes that carry the good news. Guess I should read your first blog on this, so I would ask what is your thought on rapture- will people be left to try again to not take the mark of the beast?

  2. May 21 is the date set by a man named Harold Camping, who has gotten a lot of press over his claims. In an earlier blog I gave a link for a newspaper article about his claim.

    I think the "rapture" is a misreading of the Scriptures and a wrongful approach to theology. A very, very good book on this topic is "The Rapture Exposed" by Barbara Rossing. I have a book coming out on the topic later this year, Ms. Rossing's book is the best one out there, in my opinion.

    What do you think, Kayrae63?

  3. The creepy people may not be raptured, but I bet you run into them in heaven.

  4. Yes, Diane, but they have to go through the River of De-Creepyfication first.

  5. According to the bible we have been in the last days since Christ was here. I don't know when He is coming, but I say come Lord Jesus. Has everyone heard the gospel? Probably not however even if they haven't...the word says that creation is proof of God. I do have a few friends that are JW, who seem to think everyone will have a second chance when Christ returns...I don't believe that...when He comes that's it, no more chances. I have tried to share scripture but they are out there...'that's not what that means', they have different meanings for certain words...
    I believe being 'saved' is a process...that when He returns our salvation is complete. a 180 in the other direction...toward our heavenly Father.
    We all are part of the body of Christ, His bride, and are different.

  6. Also I'm sure you remember the wilkerson movies...didn't they seem to say that people will remain after 'two are in the field, one is taken one is left'?
    So what ever you believe...does it as He loved and go into the world and share the 'good news'.
    But if you have some scripture about the second coming...share please.


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