Monday, May 16, 2011

Countdown Contest #1: Headline News

Okay folks, we're down to the last six days until the "Day of Judgment." So, let's get serious with a "Left Behind and Loving It Daily Contest"!

Today's contest is a Headline News contest:

(You may include a subtitle.) 

Here's an example:       "Oops! Millions Left Stranded as Nothing Happens"

Contest Headlines are due by midnight (CST) tonight, Monday, May 16. Each day's winners - from Monday through Friday - will receive a free copy of my book, "Left Behind and Loving It" when it is published later this summer.

* For those of you just joining us, Harold Camping and many of his followers are claiming that May 21 is the "Day of Judgment." Some folks have swallowed this tale, hook, line and sinker. Others, who don't believe or understand why May 21 would be 'the day,' are hedging their bets, just in case. You are invited to defy the whole theology behind this "Day of Judgment" by believing instead in the most often-quoted line of the Scriptures: "God's steadfast love endures forever."


  1. Hi Mark- great distraction from writing my church newsletter column. same ones I left on FB, with just a slight addition. And since I hope this is an "enter as many times as you wish" contest, I even have one more!

    Headline #1- run as a front page sidebar, below the fold "Local Pastor Mark David Rethinks Eschatalogical Theology as Millions Disappear" And in a related story, "In Spite of Chaos, Rev. Catherine Foote Moves Forwad with Summer Sabbatical Plans." "'Hey, Lilly already gave me the money,' the until now well-respected pastor was heard to say."

    Headline #2- also for a front page sidebar, below the fold: "Local Pastor Attempts to Return $17,000 Entertainment Center" "'Since payment wasn't due until today, I never worried about it,' said Rev. Jeffries of Grace Bible Church."

    And finally, Headline #3: Sermon Website Crashes "The popular premillenial website crashed at 12:05 a.m. Sunday when it was overwhelmed by sermon requests from thousands of pastors across the nation." In a related story, the sermon website for mainline churches, continues to have little traffic.

  2. Oops- I got auto-corrected. Of course I meant, "Local Pastor Mark Davis Rethinks . . . "

    And btw, maybe we should start a sermon website called maybemaybenot. Or even better, how about the hellfiresermons one?


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