Saturday, May 21, 2011

Results from Friday

Well, it is as I assumed it would be. If Harold Camping showed up at our houses tomorrow wanting coffee grounds, we'd welcome him in. And while it would be easy to taunt him, most of us would treat him gently, offering him the coffee and some food to go with it. Most of us would talk to him, or listen to him, and some of us would even offer a fairly sympathetic ear, if he were to tell his story.

Every entry was wonderful - some more lighthearted some more serious. What thrills me is that blog readers and Facebook friends - through public posts or private correspondence - have demonstrated that we captivated by the wisdom of the Scriptures. If love overcomes hate; if turning the other cheek overcomes violence; if good overcomes evil; then the best response to a man whose arrogance has brought him public humiliation, is sympathy and compassion.

I'm going to give the winner's gift this week to Kathryn, because she expressed her answer using the song method from Thursday's contest. I like the idea of Harold showing up to borrow some coffee and receiving a song instead.

Well, this has been fun. So here's our week's benediction:

As you go out into the world, where millions have not been suddenly taken away,
As you go out into the world that continues to belong to God,
As you go out in faith, not in fear or longing for escape,
May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,
the love of God,
and the companionship of God's own Spirit,
be with each of you,
this day ... and forever more.

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