Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Results from Monday

And here is the winning entry from Monday's contest for a May 22 headline: 
Local Pastor Attempts to Return $17,000 Entertainment Center

Congratulations to Catherine Foote for winning a signed copy of Left Behind and Loving It when it is released in late summer! 

Runner up was Bill Lemosy with, Celestial GPS for the Faith Journey "Recalculating"

Monday's contest was to write a May 22 headline when the "Day of Judgment" had come and gone and the "rapture" had not occurred. Some of the entries were more focused on what the headlines would read if the "rapture" does occur. Ted Coppick wrote with either regret or relief, ENTIRE PRESBYTERYIAN CHURCH USA SPARED FROM "RAPTURE." while Catherine Foote had the gall to write, Local Pastor Mark Davis Rethinks Eschatological Theology After Millions Disappear. Apparently Catherine was forgetting that I get to sign her copy of Left Behind and Loving It

Tuesday's Contest is coming up!

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  1. Actually my favorite was the one about the sermon website crashing. Thanks Mark


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