Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Results from Tuesday

Well, there are certainly plenty of literate readers of this blog! Rather than "words escape me," Left Behind and Loving It readers are responding to Harold Camping's May 21st "Day of Judgment" prediction with the reply, "words abound."

Tuesday's winning entry - and future recipient of the book Left Behind and Loving It when it is published by Wipf & Stock later this year - is Faux Horsemen, by Johnny. "Harold Camping, Tim LaHaye, Edgar Whisenant, and Hal Lindsey's apocalyptic supergroup."

Other wonderful entries were:
Apocacryptic, by Chris. "The secrets of the end time are only known to a select few."
Crapture, by Elysa. "The ridiculous concept that the end of days is taking place on May 21, 2011."
The Great Ribulation, by Catherine. "The time after the predicted rapture does not happen that the followers of Harold Camping are tortured by others' laughter and jokes."
Revelation, by Bill. "The act of reveling or taking great pleasure in something." E.g. "The people partying at Mark's house enjoyed great revelation in the fact that Harold Camping and his followers failed to disappear on May 21st."
Prophane, by Jeff. "To prophesy using analysis that demeans its source."

Nicely played, one and all. Thanks for your entries.


  1. Woot! I e-mailed you my mailing address.

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