Thursday, May 19, 2011

Results from Wednesday

What's not to love about bumper stickers? More permanent than tweets; less permanent than tattoos; and irritatingly un-ignorable to the captive audience behind you in heavy traffic. The only thing better is a contest to come up with a bumper sticker - if we were the kind of persons who might actually put something like this on an otherwise fine vehicle.

We had great entries for Wednesday's contest, including Wednesday's winner, Elysa, not only addressing Harold Camping's recent prediction, but including his former one and anticipating his next one: "Third Time's the Charm" - Harold Camping. Congratulations, Elysa! There will be a copy of Left Behind and Loving It coming your way when it is published later this year.

Other great entries included:
"Acrockalypse now!" by Bill
"Wrong Again" (another reference to Camping's previous missed call)
"Camping Out" (you know, just in case he's right)
and "May 22 is the first day of the rest of your life" - all three by Catherine
"We're all still here, so you can kiss my 'left behind'" by - well, she was embarrassed, so let me say it was by a lovely person who doesn't usually talk that way out loud.
"Making up for lost time"
"Recalculating" (which will happen, I'm afraid, so these ideas will be useful again some day)
and the obscure Steinbeck reference: "What happened to Preacher Casy?" - these three by the other Bill

Thank you one and all!

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