Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Book is Here: Shameless Plug

If the "Car Talk" guys can have a 'shameless commerce department,' then I guess it's okay for me to have the same. So, here it is: Left Behind and Loving It is now available at an online source near you!

Left Behind and Loving It is one way for people of faith to encounter those difficult apocalyptic biblical texts with faith and courage. If we begin with the conviction that God's steadfast love endures forever, then our view of "the end of the world" simply cannot be a view of mass destruction as God unleashes pent-up anger on those who happen to be living in the last generation. But, that is precisely how many people have preached about the "end times," with reference to the "apocalyptic" portions of Daniel, the Gospels, and the book of Revelation. Left Behind and Loving It offers reading strategies for these difficult texts, grounded in the conviction that our finite world is ever under the care of our infinite God.

I subtitled this book "A Cheeky Look at the End Times," because I want you to stay engaged and not to get that dazed and confused look that people often get when reading about these matters.

So, my friends, I invite you to get Left Behind and Loving It from Wipf & Stock or Amazon or go and demand that your local book store stock up with it. Heck, tell all of your church friends to get one. Buy it for your friends, your enemies, and your local pet store worker! You can do it!

Okay, I'll stop now.


  1. Hi Mark. Couldn't sleep so I'm checking Facebook. I'll be sure to go on Amazon and get the book.

    Most "end times" books are sheer speculations that have no appreciation of the real history of the Biblical end times propheicies. I'll trust God's love instead.
    My book (and co=author Ed Callison) is on Amazon Kindle. Bill Rogerson

  2. Thanks for the note, Bill. I hope you enjoy the book. It's quite a different take than what I grew up reading.


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