Monday, December 24, 2012

A Christmas Letter from the Davisfolk

The birth of the Christ Child makes this an occasion,
For offering thanks and sharing elation.
Our bodies are well, so too minds and spirits,
Like melody working with rhythm and lyrics.

We who were six are often now four,
The two eldest children have a different front door.
‘Twixt Ames and St. Paul, they pursue their degree,
Whilst those who remain call their home Waukee.

Mark plays the role of a builder these days,
As walls go up, he stays out of the way.
He blogs, peddles books, and preaches twice fortnightly,
In hopes that the message is said and heard rightly.

Chris has a table, a room, and her skill,
A place to be whole, to be present and still.
With muscles relaxed and tensions relieved,
The message one gets from massage is, “Just breathe.”

Mickey makes music, both for real and for class,
And when he’s performing he’s having a blast.
His work at Macalester – he’s done with that biz,
So, get ready world, for Is Home Is!

Meanwhile at ISU Luke works and labors,
It takes quite an effort to sport double majors.
His heart longs to study all things International,
While Philosophy challenges him to be rational.

Nic’s taking classes at Waukee High,
This year he’s a Junior and is starting to drive.
He spends his free time bowling balls down a ramp,
Or playing a song with a bass and an amp.

And then there’s Miss Abby, the youngest delight,
In leotard, tights, and the glow of spotlights.
Her grace and perfection bring class to the joint,
Her motto is “Dancers: We get to the pointe.”

Among all these vanities, habits, and traits,
The Davisfolk would like to get one thing straight.
Abundantly blessed by God’s grace all this year,
The gifts that we value are friends we hold dear.

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